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spacer-picMy Roles as a Executive Coach

Executive GroupIn my 34 years of practice, I have coached many executives and managers in a variety of ways, helping them to deal effectively with individuals and teams to achieve the best possible outcomes for successful working relationships. I have helped them optimize their strengths, and recognize and deal with their weaknesses. I have also helped them in clarifying their goals, and getting them to recognize the need for new approaches and ideas to achieve those goals.

In many cases executives and managers have sought my help to become better leaders. They have come to me to improve their relationship skills with their partners, associates and subordinates, by learning new ideas and gaining inspiration on how to work strategically and harmoniously within their own organizations as well as with other companies.

What is coaching? First of all, it is not telling someone what to do. Rather, it is a one-to-one relationship between me and the person I am helping; a partnership in dealing with the issues raised by the person being coached . Moreover, coaching is done in an atmosphere of respect. Working together we strive to achieve the results the executive desires. Coaching also can be a mechanism that the executive uses in acting as a supervisor. That is, it is continuous process, rather than a one-time event.

Participating in a coaching relationship is a learning experience. I work with the executive outside the business environment where he or she – without fear of adverse reactions from the workplace – can examine alternative theories and explore possible actions. This opportunity to test various approaches in a non-threatening atmosphere permits the executive to think more creatively and strengthens his or her confidence in implementing an approach or solution reached during the coaching process.

Hands imageAs a coach I help managers and executives sharpen and develop skills they need to be effective leaders, such as skills of observation, active listening, and giving and receiving feedback in difficult situations. I also advise executives on how to better understand themselves and others, how to be an advocate, and how to join with their staff more effectively, thus helping both executives and staff obtain a greater sense of satisfaction and higher self-esteem. In addition, I help managers to delegate assignments with more confidence, to gain mutual agreement , to improve the use of all their resources, and to increase productivity and overall organization performance.


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