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spacer-picMy Roles as a Collaborative Divorce Coach
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Latino familyCollaborative Divorce is based on three principles:
spacer-picl.  A pledge not to go to court
spacer-pic2. An honest exchange of information
spacer-picby both parties
spacer-pic3. A solution that considers the highest
spacer-picpriorities of both adults and their children.

In collaborative divorce, agreement is reached before going to court . Each party makes a pledge to collaborate with each other, and the goal is to develop an agreement that is satisfying to each party. Collaborative divorce also allows the couple to make their own decisions about their future, rather than depending upon a judge who may only see them for a brief time.

A collaborative divorce coach is usually a mental health person trained in the collaborative techniques who works as a team with the lawyers representing each party. In many cases there is a coach for each party. My role as a collaborative divorce coach is to provide you with support and compassion; and I will help you manage the difficulties that arise out of ending a marriage. I will also help you use your strengths to find positive solutions for the present and the future, and to develop new communication skills, thus ensuring that mutual respect is always maintained. My goal is to help prepare you and your spouse for a new co-parenting relationship, and for a more fulfilling life.

Each individual also has his/her own lawyer who works cooperatively with the other lawyer to provide legal advice. At times there may also be a financial planner who works with the team to manage financial and property issues. The whole group functions as a team to provide support and compassion; and all communication between all parties is completely open at all times.

I have been in practice for over 34 years. I have seen the trauma caused to both couples and their children when divorce has been achieved by an angry litigation process. It is wonderful to know that there is now a respectful alternative to litigation, which allows each person to maintain his or her own self-respect as well as give respect to the other party.


spacer-picMy role as a Child Specialist

Young Couple with babyIn some cases, where the conflict has been particularly high, parents may be advised by the divorce coaches to bring in a child specialist who will impartially listen to the concerns of each child and give appropriate feedback to the parents and coaches. This process helps the parents and divorce coaches better understand the needs of the children and also helps the divorce coaches to develop a parenting plan that is extremely sensitive to the needs of each child. As a child specialist, I will meet with the children either in my office or in the privacy of their own home.


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